Tuesday, January 6, 2009

In Memory of Kristy

I have been thinking of you all day. To me today is a great (your birth) and dreadful (your death) day. I have decided to focus on the positive and how your example has helped me. So many things are running through my mind. Most of all I’ve thought, how can I honor my friend today? Although, I have a LONG ways to go, I realized I have been doing this through out the year. I want you to know how you have helped me grow. It’s too bad it took your death as a wake up call.

In your memory I have tried to serve others more. Service has become a very important part of my life. My grandma, who I idolized, was also a great example of this. It makes me feel good to emulate you both and mostly my Savior in this way.

In your memory, I have put some fears aside and am working on developing some talents (wish they were talents), working on some hobbies that I have put off.

In your memory, I have reprioritized my life. I am working outside the home less and doing a better job of putting my family first.

In your memory, I am trying to be a better friend and express my love to those around me.

In your memory, I am loving the life I have been given. I am trying to life it to the fullest and NO MORE REGRETS.

In your memory, I hold my children longer and tighter. I spend more quality time with them. I let them, my wonderful husband, and my Heavenly Father know how thankful I am to have them in my life.

Thank you so much for all that you have taught me. Happy Birthday! I love you! I went to visit your grave today and left laughing, because I know you had to be laughing at me. I’ve had some flowers I’ve meant to drop off the last couple of months. I couldn’t believe how deep the snow was. I wasn’t exactly dressed for the 3’ feet of snow that was waiting for me. I was determined to get the flowers to your grave. With every step my brand new Tommy Hilfiger dress shoes were falling off. I was practically walking in my socks. Not to mention, falling over with every step that I had to stop and pull my shoes out of the snow. It was a quite a sight. Needless to say, I’ll be wearing snow boots next year. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is:)

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