Thursday, January 6, 2011


We so miss you!  Your boys and I were talking about you yesterday.  They love to hear everything I can remember about you.  I tell them every silly story I can think of.  They hang on every word, then bounce off to play with my kids.  They are such good boys.  Last Sunday, your mom wanted to bear her testimony.  Carter said, "If you go up there, I will make lots of noise!"  Your mom replied, "Then why don't you go sit with Dana."  I was so honored that he chose to sit with me!  They both make me feel special, just like you would.  Your sweet and spunky personality lives on.  I know you are watching over them, and they do too!  I plan to make you a cake today & eat it with the boys!
We all love and miss you!


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CasaJenkins said...

I was just talking about her too, I hope she is having a great Birthday bash in Heaven.