Monday, January 3, 2011

It's nearing January 6th....

I met someone the other day that reminded me so much of you. Had that sneaky side that would have totally texted me late at night like you did. With the funniest things. Mostly twilight.

And what about the plate of lemon cupcakes that you made for me?

Or that one time you wanted to try rosemary scalloped potatoes with your new silpat cookware stuff? Everyone came to that party. Your house was packed!

You brought me some rosemary potatoes a few nights before the party. It was really cold... it was winter.... and you left your house with a hot plate of potatoes and drove to mine. Just for me to taste them and tell you how good they were.

Happy Birthday. I seriously miss you. I can't believe you're gone. There's a huge hole.

You would have been 33 this year. I still think about you all the time.

Love love love,

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Anonymous said...

every time i would see the kara judge on american idol i would flip out. she looks just like kristy. and seemed to have her personality.