Friday, December 26, 2008


It's been almost a year. I moved from Lehi to the state of Florida 3 weeks before she died. I haven't been back until last week. I flew in during a snowstorm, stayed at my sister's, and drove to Lehi the next day. The entire town reminded me of her. Especially when I visited her neighbor who lives just behind her big house. Kristy was everywhere it seemed, especially when I saw the snow. I can't imagine the vivid memories of my fellow ward members who were there on that snowy day in January 2008. I couldn't get her off my mind while I was there and she was closer than she has been all year and I am thankful for that. I know she is really and truly resting in peace.

After January of this year I will no longer be accepting new blog posts. I will make the blog into a book for Kristy's parents once it's completed, so get your posts to me as soon as possible. In reflection, each post about our dear friend has sparked feelings inside all of us and I am so grateful for your input. Take some time to reflect and if you feel inspired, send me something to include in our book about Kristy.



Amy said...

Sarah, thank you for doing this for Kristy! You are an amazing person and I feel blessed to have been able to share a couple of comments. Will the blog be up for viewing even though you won't be adding to it? Just wondering. There are some amazing stories that I'd like to keep if you will be taking the site down completely. Thanks again! Love, Amy

Sarie said...

Yes, yes, I forgot to mention of course this blog will stay right where it is. I won't be posting any new posts, but it will be here for a long time. If Kristy is still helping people by her example, then there is no reason to delete it.

Thank you for your comments!