Tuesday, October 21, 2008

There is no special reason it has taken me so long to write. As I sat and read the blog tonight... I felt the need to try to put into words what Kristy meant to me. Where to begin... I feel great love for Kristy and her family... you see they are how I met my husband of 12 years. It all started back in 1993 when Ann was planning a trip to Idaho to visit her sister Clea. Kristy rounded up a group of us girls to go along for the trip.... Holly, myself, Kristy, Brittany and Kennan. Words cannot describe this trip... but I know it is documented on video (as much as we hate to admit it). I will ALWAYS remember Ann having us sit in a circle on the living room floor and having prayer before we set off. After this prayer Ann looked at all of us and said that she knew that this trip was going to change our (or one of our) lives forever. Three years later I married a boy from Idaho... that just so happened to be a big friend of the Simpson family and BFF to Judd Simpson. I guess you could say that it really did change my life forever! Not only did Kristy lead me to the love of my life.... she has connected me with some the greatest people I will ever know. I am so grateful for this memory and all the many I have of her and her family.~your friend Amy Carlson

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